google photos: Want to download or shift all photos from Google Photos? A complete how-to guide

No wonder whether you use an iPhone or Android device – that comes preinstalled with Google Photos – Google Photos remains one of the top choices for storing your photos and videos in the cloud, even though Google discontinued the option to save slightly lower-quality versions for free, which used to be a major attraction back then. But, regardless of the time, Google Photos continues to have an edge for others.

Although there are no decent free alternatives available, at least none that offer the same level of search capability and editing tools, there is a strong argument for accepting that you may need to pay for using Google Photos once you have exceeded the free storage space limit.

But, assuming you have found a better alternative and might want to shift all your photos there, this is the method you should follow.

Launch browser in your device

Go to

Find Google Photos and check the mark next to it

There will be two options to choose from: Multiple formats, All photo albums includedHere comes the catch: Multiple formats exports images in their original format and videos in MP4. The other option lets you select the albums you may want to export and deselect what you may not.

Once you have selected either of the options, proceed ahead with Next step

You now have a range of options to select from – including whether you prefer your data to be sent to you via email as an attachment or to be uploaded to Drive, OneNote, Dropbox, or Box.

Once done, click Export.

Extra Tip: One can also decide how frequently they want the data to be exported, either just once or every two months for a year, as well as the file type, which can be a compressed ZIP or TGZ file.


  1. How much free storage does a Google account offer?
    Up to 15GB
  2. How much does Google One subscription cost?
    The basic plan starts at $1.99 per month.

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