US Weather update: 13 die due to winter storms, hundreds of thousands at risk

A massive front caused widespread power outages in the northern part of the United States on Sunday, affecting nearly half a million Americans from Kentucky to Michigan.

The storm produced heavy snowfall in California’s mountains and traveled eastward, resulting in thunderstorms and tornadoes in parts of the South. At least 13 fatalities have been reported, with five confirmed in Kentucky due to wind gusts exceeding 70 mph that toppled trees, power lines, and caused property damage.

The storm generated straight-line winds, potentially triggering tornadoes and powerful thunderstorms. As per, more than 245,000 homes and businesses were without electricity, with 144,000 in Michigan, 43,000 in Tennessee, and Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia also experiencing power outages.

Authorities have reported that driving conditions in the Northeast were perilous due to multiple cars, trucks, and tractor-trailers sliding off the roads.

The microblogging platform Twitter saw the hashtag #Thundersnow become a trend as many areas experienced thunder and lightning during the snowstorm. This weather phenomenon occurs when a mass of cold air forms on top of warm air, leading to an unusual convection motion of air that produces thunderstorms, which is rare during winter.

In California, search and rescue teams have saved several residents who were stranded in the state’s mountain communities. However, according to authorities, some residents in the mountains situated east of Los Angeles are expected to stay trapped inside their homes for at least one more week due to the massive snowfall that has overwhelmed most snowplows.

Snow accumulation is so high that cars are entirely buried, and snow is piled up to the roofs of some homes.


  1. What is world record for lowest temperature?
    -89.2°C in Vostok, Antarctica, as per Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, Russia
  2. Where are the headquarters of National Weather Service?
    Silver Spring, Maryland

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