Quordle Today: Quordle 405, March 5: Know hints, clues and answers for today’s word puzzle

Despite having already presented 400 puzzles, Quordle continues to offer players something fascinating. In today’s puzzle, four distinct words have been compiled, all of which share a common ending letter.

This not only makes for an intriguing challenge, but it also simplifies the process of discovery since uncovering that final letter automatically reveals three others. If you find yourself struggling, take advantage of the Quordle hints and clues available.

What are some hints for Quordle 405?

In today’s puzzle, only one word has a repeated letter while the other three words consist of five distinct letters each. Although the words are all common and recognizable, a few less common letters are utilized, requiring some preparation. However, employing an effective letter elimination tactic should suffice to tackle the challenge.

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What are some clues for Quordle 405?

For today’s puzzle, the words commence with the letters G, L, H, and S, and they all conclude with the letter E. Here are some hints for each word:

  • Word 1: Pertaining to the capacity for smooth and controlled motion.
  • Word 2: A device utilized to alter the form of materials such as wood or metal.
  • Word 3: Referring to the logical consequence of an established premise.
  • Word 4: The firm, non-metallic mineral element that constitutes rocks.

What are the answers for Quordle 405?

  1. Who owns Quordle?
  2. How many attempts are there in Quordle to guess the right word?
    Up to nine

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