forest: Sons of the Forest: Where to find water during winter in video game? Know here

In Sons of the Forest, one can suffer hunger and thirst in addition to enemy combat. Drinking water must be actively gathered from a variety of sources of water, such as lakes and rivers. However, the video game has a seasonal system, and finding water is more challenging in the winter.

The best means to get water in Sons of the Forest’s severe winters

Sons of the Forest transports you to a desolate island where you must contend with dangers including mutants, cannibals, and hostile animals. To live on this brutal planet, you will have to battle hunger and thirst as well. Winter in the game makes it a little more challenging to find water. However you can make a flask ahead of time and have a useful water storage alternative.In order to make the Flask, you must first locate a 3D printer room. You may use this detailed guide to find the 3D Printer in Sons of the Forest and get it. After you’ve located it, you may interact with it by using the keyboard’s E key. Use the R button to get to the Flask option; 100 ml of Resins are needed to print it.

At enemy camps, caverns, and other places, resin is strewn about. It could be discovered in the opening region of the game, close to the scene of the helicopter crash. Arrows, a grappling hook, a mask, and other objects may also be created with a 3D printer in addition to flasks.

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There is much weaponry in Sons of the Forest, including pistols, shotguns, crossbows, and Molotov cocktails. It’s best to have some weapons and healing supplies in your bag so you can swap between them fast. To make battle scenarios more realistic, the game does not include a conventional weapon swap option.

The game adds Artificial friends like Virginia and Kelvin, who help you with resource gathering and battle, respectively. As Kelvin is prone to hunger, it is advisable to construct a Drying Rack close by. But, you cannot compel Virginia since she is immune to hunger.

Only PC users may purchase this game using Steam. It is uncertain whether Endnight Games will eventually release this survival horror game on current-gen platforms.


Q1:Why only PCs may play Sons of the Forest?
For the time being, Endnight’s development efforts were limited to PCs.

Q2:Sons of the Forest: Is it on PS5?
There are no versions of Sons of the Forest on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X|S.

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