‘Bachelor’ alum Chelsea Vaughn reveals life after show

Dating after “The Bachelor” is no bed of roses. 

Chelsea Vaughn, who competed on the reality show in 2021, lifted the veil on finding love after being jilted by the leading man of the series, which is airing its Season 27 finale on March 27.

“Dating in New York was already hard enough before I went on the show,” Vaughn, 30, told The Post.

Now it’s even harder.

“Being in the “Bachelor” world, you get all of the negatives of being famous and none of the good parts … we’re not actually famous, but I can’t go anywhere without people recognizing me, coming up to me, and taking my picture.”

The runway model applied for the show in June 2020 because she was attracted to its leading man, Matt James, the first black “Bachelor,” who happened to live on the Lower East Side.

Matt James
The Bushwick resident competed on Lower East Sider Matt James’ season of “The Bachelor.”

A picture of Chelsea Vaughn.
“Dating in New York was already hard enough before I went on the show,” Vaughn, 30, told The Post.
Stephen Yang

She was eliminated on week six and returned home to Bushwick in November 2020 — but contractually wasn’t allowed to be on dating apps or publicly dating for four months, until the episode in which she was kicked off aired.

“It kind of puts your personal life on hold because you have the months that you’re filming and then there’s months in between and then it airs and you have those months,” she explained.

When she was allowed to resume courting, she was hesitant to get back on dating apps.

Chelsea Vaughn
Vaughn was reluctant to get back on dating apps due to her newfound reality star status.
Stephen Yang

After a stint on “Bachelor in Paradise,” the franchise’s summer dating series where castoffs gather on the beach, she joined the elite dating app Raya for a year.

“It wasn’t the best for me. I didn’t go on any dates from there,” she said. “I feel like some of the people on Raya are just there to see and be seen.”

She did like the privacy Raya affords because users can’t screenshot others’ information and share it on social media — which Vaughn experienced firsthand when she returned to civilian life and forgot to delete her old dating profiles.

A picture of Chelsea Vaughn.
After a stint on “Bachelor in Paradise,” Vaughn joined the elite dating app Raya for a year.
Stephen Yang

“I saw it underneath my name on Reddit. Someone had screenshot my dating profile and in the comments section, they all just dissected it,” she recalled.

Vaughn, who launched a podcast, “Vaughnerable,” last year, said gaining exposure from the ABC series does help in her professional life — but not when it comes to finding a mate.

The Georgia native assumed men would be clueless about her reality star status since the show’s audience skews 77 percent toward women.

Chelsea Vaughn
The runway model started a podcast called “Vaughnerable” in November.
Stephen Yang

“But I’ve been on dates where I thought they didn’t know, and then like two hours into the date, they told me that they did,” she said. “One said his roommates told him, ‘You should bring her home so we can meet her.’”

She quickly came to realize potential suitors already had a leg up.

“When you go on a first date with somebody, you want to go on it with a blank slate,” she said. “It’s an unfair advantage if you Googled me … I know it was a national television show, but I did share personal things.”

It’s also hard to meet people offline. Men do approach her, but it’s mostly to ask for a photo to bring home to their significant others.

“Usually it’s ‘Oh my God, I watch the show with my girlfriend, can I get a picture?’” she explained.

“But sometimes they do hit on you, like right after they say that and I’m like, ‘Do you have a girlfriend or not?’”

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