Peru’s delivery man caught carrying mummy in bag, calls it his ‘spiritual girlfriend’. Details here

During a routine search for alcohol consumption at a cultural site in Peru, the police discovered a mummified body in a man’s cooler bag. The body, which was between 600 and 800 years old, belonged to a male over the age of 45 and measured approximately 1.51m (4ft 11in) in height, as stated by experts consulted by Peru’s Ministry of Culture and reported by news agency EFE.

As per reports from local media, law enforcement officers found the wrapped body of a person in a cooler bag belonging to a man, who was caught drinking alcohol at a viewpoint in Puno. Images released by the culture ministry depict a skeleton in a fetal position inside a red bag bearing the logo of PedidosYa, a renowned takeout company.

The man claimed ownership of the body, which he referred to as “Juanita”. He stated to a media outlet that the body was kept in his bedroom, next to his bed and TV set, and that he took care of it. He went on to say that it was like having a spiritual girlfriend, if one could pardon the expression.

Trove of ancient Egyptian artifacts unearthed

Trove of ancient Egyptian artifacts unearthed

Trove of ancient Egyptian artifacts unearthed

The man stated that his family had possessed the body for 30 years after their attempt to donate it to a museum was unsuccessful. The man and his two companions present during the incident have been arrested.

During 2021, a mummy was unearthed on the central coast of Peru, with an estimated age of 800 years. The body was bound by ropes and the hands were positioned over the face, which was determined by experts to be part of the customary funeral practices of the region.


  1. How old is the mummification practice in Peru?
    Around 7,000 years old.
  2. Does mummification take place in the current times?
    It does, but it is rare.

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