zero discrimination day: Zero Discrimination Day 2023: Everything you need to know

In order to promote equality and justice, the United Nations and other international organizations mark Zero Discrimination Day on March 1. When the day first began as a campaign in December 2013, then-Executive Director Michel Sidibé kicked it off in Beijing with a sizable ceremony.

The goal is to fight structural and cultural prejudice against those who have HIV/AIDS and to advance equality and fairness before the law.

Zero Discrimination Day 2023 theme

The theme for Zero Discrimination Day for this year is “Save lives: Decriminalize.” The theme emphasizes how decriminalizing important demographic groups and HIV-positive persons helps save lives and promote the fight against the AIDS pandemic.

Criminal laws that specifically target vulnerable groups and HIV-positive individuals violate human rights and worsen the stigma. By erecting obstacles to the assistance and services people require to safeguard their health, they also put them at risk. In order for these demographic groups to enjoy healthy and respected lives, the topic seeks to raise awareness on the decriminalization of those groups.

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History of Zero Discrimination Day

The organization UNAIDS, which works to combat systems of oppression against individuals living with HIV/AIDS in UN member states, initially observed the day on March 1, 2014.When the day first began as a campaign in December 2013, then-Executive Director Michel Sidibé kicked it off in Beijing with a sizable ceremony.

Importance of Zero Discrimination Day

A number of nations have faulty legal and judicial systems that historically have excluded some populations or groups of people from access to basic services and result in social marginalization. This prejudice may also be based on a person’s gender, color, financial level, or sexual orientation.

The UNAIDS aims to raise awareness about discriminatory laws and practices that rob individuals of their dignity through Zero Discrimination Day.

The day inspires campaigns against laws that single out certain groups of people and hold them accountable for their actions solely based on who they are, and it unites those with similar viewpoints to combat prejudice.


  1. What will be the 2023 Zero Discrimination Day’s theme?
    Save lives: Decriminalize
  2. When was the first Zero Discrimination Day?
    March 1, 2014

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