Women’s History Month Theme: Women’s History Month 2023: What’s the theme for this year?

In March, we commemorate Women’s History Month, which, although not always observed for a full month, now spans from March 1 until the month’s conclusion. It is an occasion to pay tribute to the countless women who have made significant sacrifices and contributions to society throughout history and today. The National Women’s History Alliance selects a new theme each year for the celebration.

The celebration of Women’s History Month aims to recognize the significant contributions that women have made to society throughout history. This month-long event is dedicated to raising awareness about the important achievements of influential women in both the past and the present.

The list of notable women who have made an impact on history is extensive, and during March, many people study and acknowledge the accomplishments of popular historical figures such as Susan B. Anthony, Amelia Earhart, Harriet Tubman, and Maya Angelou.

History.com notes Women’s History Month started in 1987.

What’s the theme for Women’s History Month this year?

The theme for Women’s History Month in March 2023 is ‘Celebrating Women Who Tell Stories.’ This theme honors and recognizes the important role that women have played in storytelling throughout history.

It highlights the countless women who have used their voice and creativity to tell stories that educate, inspire, and entertain audiences around the world.

From oral traditions to written works, women have contributed significantly to the world of storytelling, and this year’s theme is a celebration of their achievements.


Q1.When was the first official National Woman’s Day celebrated?
February 28, 1909

Q2.Which colors symbolize Women’s History Month?
Purple, green, and white are the colors that represent Women’s History Month.

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