St David Day: Google Doodle for St. David’s Day in 2023 features stained-glass flowers

Google honours Saint. David’s Day, also known as Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant on March 1. Wales honors their patron saint on March 1 to commemorate the day when St. David was canonized in the year 589.

The Google Doodle was created by hand using cut acrylic glass inspired by traditional stained-glass windows and was inspired by things from Wales. The daffodil, which is the emblem of Wales, is displayed in vases that form the letters of the word Google.

On March 1, it’s customary for ladies to wear daffodils and males to wear leeks. The wearing of leeks on the battlefield is said to have allowed Welsh troops to distinguish one another from Saxons.

A woman dressed in traditional Welsh attire playing the harp was depicted in a field of daffodils with a mountain in the background in 2018’s Google Doodle for March 1.

The Welsh harp, which is regarded as the country’s national instrument, has long played a significant role in Welsh music.

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Last year’s Google Doodle featured a red dragon, as seen on the Welsh flag, while the Doodle from 2016 included the word Google written in archaic script with the Celtic knot.A castle-building site was discovered on the slope of Dinas Emrys, according to mythology, by a Celtic monarch by the name of Vortigern.

Yet, this location was right above a battle between two dragons in an underground lake. The dragons were released by the king’s excavating, and once released, they resumed their conflict. According to lore, the red dragon triumphed.

The word Google was etched onto a traditional Welsh Lovespoon for the St. David’s Day Doodle in 2017, which has previously been given as gifts by suitors to their love interests.

Wales’s patron saint has traditionally been honored by Google with anything from flowers to dragons, and this year is no exception.


  1. Is Google Doodle the same all over the world?
    Not all Doodles display everywhere
  2. Who created the Google Doodle?
    Larry and Sergey

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