Love Is Blind’s SK Breaks Silence on Ex Raven’s Claims: Details

Love is Blind’s SK Breaks His Silence After Ex Raven’s Bombshell Claims - 292
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His side of the story. Love Is Blind’s Sikiru “SK” Alagbada has broken his silence following ex-fiancée Raven Ross‘ latest bombshell claims in a recent interview.

“There were certainly key moments that had me questioning if we were right for each other,” SK, 34, told Us Weekly in an exclusive statement on Tuesday, February 28. “Instead of confronting how I was feeling, and how it turns out we were both feeling, I pushed on in the relationship out of hope and wanting to make things work. I learned a lot during the relationship and I hope my lessons will make me a better man and partner in the future.”

The twosome met on the third season of the Netflix dating show but ended up breaking up during the season finale, which aired in November 2022 but taped in summer 2021. In that in-between period, SK and Raven, 30, rekindled their romance and got engaged during the After the Altar special.

The reality stars split again while the finale was airing in fall 2022 after two women came forward claiming to have relationships with the data engineer. The Pilates instructor revealed to Nick Viall during the February 16 episode of the “Viall Files” podcast that SK told her he only met the first woman in person once. The second woman, however, was an ex-girlfriend who he was allegedly planning trips with while the reality stars were back together.

“Apparently after we got engaged, he backtracked, went back to producers and started, like, pleading with them to take it out,” Raven alleged to Viall, 42. “[Producers said], ‘We thought you knew, and we thought you guys were breaking up.’ … We were filming the reunion and he went off the grid, remember? No one could find him, no one could get a hold of him, everyone was freaking out. Come to find out, he locked himself in a van with one of the producers and was like, ‘You gotta take the engagement out. You gotta take the engagement out.’”

Love is Blind’s Sikiru ‘SK’ Alagbada Breaks His Silence After Ex Raven Ross’ ​Bombshell Claims: I Hope It Makes Me a ‘Better Man and Partner in the Future’

Love is Blind’s SK Breaks His Silence After Ex Raven’s Bombshell Claims - 291
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SK, for his part, denied the cheating allegations and claimed that he sought out legal representation to fight the accusations. Raven revealed that SK told her that he was being extorted by the second woman and he asked the fitness guru to lie to fans about what was going on between the pair.

“While we’re going through this, there was so much manipulation and gaslighting. He really was just worried about saving his career and his face,” she said in the interview. “And he wanted to get lawyers involved to, like, make these claims go away so it wouldn’t look bad for him. I was there at home listening to him on the phone with lawyers all day every day. He was like, ‘This is for my career.’ That’s literally what he said all the time.”

Before her podcast interview, Raven exclusively spoke exclusively to Us about the moments where she had an “unsettled feeling” about her ex.

“I was like, ‘Hmm, something isn’t right here.’ And instead of using my voice and communicating with my partner, I just kind of was like, ‘Oh, I don’t wanna stir up any conflict,’” she recalled to Us on February 14. “In the end, it really didn’t serve me. So now I know, like, I need to listen to myself. “

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