Chloe Fineman Stars in NÜTRL Vodka Seltzer Campaign

Chloe Fineman Stars in Hilarious Nutrl Vodka Seltzer Campaign

Chloe Fineman.
NÜTRL Vodka Seltzers

From comedian to vodka seltzer sommelier! Saturday Night Live’s Chloe Fineman stars in NÜTRL Vodka Seltzer’s first big ad campaign as Günter, the brand’s cheeky spokesperson.

The comedian, 34, said she was “intrigued” when the vodka seltzer brand first came to her and asked her to help develop their new spokesperson.

“I had a ton of fun working with the team to bring to life this wacky yet instantly lovable vodka seltzer enthusiast who appreciates the finer things in life and knows what it takes to make a quality drink,” she said in a press release.

Fineman also was attracted to the brand because she likes “simple drinks like vodka seltzers.”

“And I loved the idea of Günter, this kind of fun character, and the slogan ‘Nütrl! The one with the umlaut!’ really made me laugh,” she told Gear Patrol in a February 2023 interview. “And I think I’m just like a basic bitch and I like a simple drink, so I was just like, ‘I can get behind this. Vodka, seltzer, real juice, lets go.’”

The character of Günter has made it her mission to introduce the world to this delicious spirits-based seltzer. Throughout the campaign, she appears in monochromatic looks with pops of color to pay homage to NÜTRL’s real fruit flavors and distinct aesthetic.

Fineman was initially drawn to the silliness of the campaign and the thrill of creating her own, unique character.

“The idea of Günter and the catchphrase were already there, and I was like, ‘Oh, this is perfect, Günter is like a cousin to a couple of characters that I do,’” the California native said in the same interview. “So then it was really fun to improvise and kind of create the ‘weird’ of this character and figure out what makes this character wacky. We created the wig, created the outfit and it was a lot of improv and trying different funny things. We definitely laughed all the time, so that was delightful.”

Fineman and her writing partner, Casey Thomas, rehearsed dialogue with NÜTRL’s superior taste and refreshingly simple recipe at the forefront of their narrative. The campaign spotlights each of the brand’s flavors including Pineapple, Watermelon, Lemonade and Cranberry.

“It’s no secret that consumers are moving away from over-engineered and over-complicated products, but instead are prioritizing quality and taste,” Marisa Siegel, VP of Marketing for NÜTRL said in a press release. “‘NÜTRL. The One with the Umlaut.’ campaign perfectly encapsulates the confident simplicity of NÜTRl and the inherent quality you get from its real ingredients, all while showing off the brand’s tongue-in-cheek personality.”

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