microsoft: Microsoft Word: Here’s how you can insert checkboxes in Word docs

If you’re using Microsoft Word to design surveys or forms, including check boxes can enhance the readability and ease of answering the options. There are two ways one can add check boxes to an MS Word Doc – The first method is suitable for creating digital forms within Word documents, whereas the second option is more convenient when preparing printed materials, such as to-do lists.

Forms: Using MS Word’s developer options

First and foremost, users need to activate the “Developer” tab on the Ribbon

  • Launch a Word document and click on the “File” drop-down menu.
  • Choose “Options” from the list.
  • Navigate to the “Customize Ribbon” tab in the “Word Options” window.
  • Select “Main Tabs” from the dropdown menu in the right-hand “Customize the Ribbon” list.
  • Look for the “Developer” checkbox on the list of available main tabs and select it.
  • Click the “OK” button to include the “Developer” tab in your Ribbon.
  • Position your cursor where you want to place a checkbox in the document.
  • Get back to the “Developer” tab and click on the “Check Box Content Control” button.
  • You will see a checkbox appear wherever your cursor is placed.
  • To mark a checkbox, click on it and add an “X”.
  • To modify or format a checkbox, select the entire form box and use the options available in the “Developer” tab.

Print: Using Bullets in MS Word

  • Create a bullet list in your Word document by typing out the items and hitting “Enter” after each one.
  • On the “Home” tab, locate the “Bullet List” button and click the small arrow to the right of it.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the “Define new bullet” command.
  • In the “Define New Bullet” window that appears, click on the “Symbol” button.
  • In the “Symbol” window, select the “Wingdings 2” font from the dropdown menu.
  • Browse through the symbols until you find the empty square symbol that appears like a check box, or you can automatically select it by typing the number “163” into the “Character Code” box.
  • Alternatively, you may choose another symbol you like, such as the open circle (symbol 153).


  1. When was MS Word launched?
    October 1983.
  2. Is Microsoft Word paid or free?
    It comes at a premium. However, one can use Word for free on the web.

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