Best Rihanna memes from the 2023 Super Bowl halftime show

Rihanna rocked the stadium with her epic Super Bowl 2023 halftime show in Arizona on Sunday — though some viewers ridiculed her multi-level extravaganza.

The “SOS” singer — who used the performance to low-key announce her second pregnancy with boyfriend A$AP Rocky — was praised in some corners and received backlash from others.

The red-clad crooner could have used an “Umbrella,” however, to protect her from the cascade of memes mocking her greatest-hits set.

“Me walking past someone and releasing the biggest fart of my life,” someone quipped in the caption for a video of RiRi — who turns 35 on Feb. 20 — calmly crossing the stage and smiling proudly.

That particular clip was a big subject of ridicule. Another jokester quipped, “Me walking to get my order when they call my number at Five Guys,” with others adding, “Me walking back to work after crying my whole break” and “Me walking into school the day after a concert wearing my new tour tee.”

Another meme focused on her initial elevated stage entrance, which left fans uncomfortable because they were hesitant to comment on her apparent — and previously unannounced — baby-to-be.

“The whole timeline afraid to ask if Rihanna is pregnant,” someone tweeted alongside a clip of SZA and Keke Palmer looking confused during their stint on “Saturday Night Live” in December.

At the start of her set, a Fox camera went in for a closeup of the Barbados native, who stared slyly into the lens .

One tweeter described it as “the Kubrick Stare”– a trope used in cinema by the famed horror filmmaker Stanley Kubrick in his feature movies.

“[The Stare is] Kubrick’s most recognizable directorial techniques,” they wrote. “A method of shot composition where a character stares at the camera with a forward tilt, to convey to the audience that they are at the peak of their derangement.”

Another tweet threw shade at Rihanna’s all-white-clad backup dancers as they pranced around the stage, joking, “White blood cells showing up to help the body fight infection and other disease.”

One meme included a clip of a bloodied, bandaged The Weeknd aimlessly and confusingly wandering around during his own 2021 Super Bowl halftime show.

A fan suggested that the video depicted Rihanna’s unborn baby in her womb as she danced and was moved up and down on the multi-tiered stage during her 13-minute show.

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