GOP House Oversight Committee Chair Basically Admits His Hunter Biden Investigation Is A Sham

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) made it clear that he doesn’t care if his investigation uses misinformation and disinformation.


Comer said when asked some of the information Republicans are relying on to investigate the Bidens being disinformation, “Ended up in time being labeled as disinformation. So, who makes the decision as to who determines what’s disinformation and what’s not? One thing that you may think is disinformation, I may believe is fact. Who’s going to decide, you are – that what we want to know from the Twitter executives is, walk us through the policy? What was your policy to determine? What is disinformation? And who you seeking advice from? Who in the government was advising you? And what were they saying, just kind of walk us through that. We want to get a picture of exactly what the process was in censoring people.”

Disinformation isn’t an opinion. By definition disinformation is false information or propaganda intended to mislead that is issued by a rival power. Disinformation isn’t open to interpretation because it is false.

Comer is admitting that House Republicans are going to use Russian propaganda to investigate Hunter and Joe Biden.

Republicans are going to launder Russian propaganda through the legislative oversight process to create a scandal that they hope will end with Donald Trump being restored to the White House.

The Hunter Biden laptop investigation is a sham, and Republicans are willing laundering Russian disinformation for what they hope will be taking back the White House in 2024.

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