Top 7 Most Impactful TXT Songs

If there’s a 4th gen boy group that constantly pulls through with the most beautiful and meaningful songs, it’s definitely TXT. The 5 members of this powerful boy group have made name for themselves since their debut, not only because of their reputable company, but with their talents, too.

TXT’s discography is filled with bop after bop, some that could be played and replayed for a long time. Actually, the timelessness of their music makes them even more impactful, which is why we couldn’t hold back on sharing a couple favorites with you. In this insightful article, you’ll be able to retrace the 7 TXT tracks that have had the most impact so far. It’s about time you added some to that banging playlist of yours, too.


1. ‘9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)’

This one is a fan favorite, and with good reason. The song, especially the lyrics, is one of the most meaningful and thoughtful ones in their discography to date. As it talks about the struggles and challenges they faced and the thoughts of quitting, of course the lyrics hit a special nerve to everyone that listened attentively. It was so impactful that TWICE’s NaYeon cried as she watched their “MAMA 2019” performance of it.


2. ‘Anti-Romantic’

Not a single K-Pop fan hasn’t heard this song, and the widespread attention and love it got was definitely well-deserved. The tranquility of the boys’ voices and the instrumentals were absolutely wholesome and quite emotional. They have a knack for getting to your emotions and having you relate to their music.


3. ‘Cat and Dog’

We’re sure you expected so much from TXT when they announced their debut. It may have been because of their status as BTS’s first direct hoobaes, or it may have been for the members’ talents and visuals. If you listened to their debut album, you’d notice that there’s a tune for most fans’ music taste, and ‘Cat and Dog’ was the song for the hip-hop and dance crowd. Upbeat and fun was the definition of this track, and with the longevity of it is certainly classified as impactful.


4. ‘LO$ER=LO♡ER’

A lot of fans were and still are in love with TXT’s emo era, and this song was their emo debut, so to speak. Once it was released, a lot of fans couldn’t stop chanting and singing the chorus “I’m a loser, I’m a lover”. Quite contradictory—or not, but then, when it’s a song many fans and people can relate to, anything is acceptable.


5. ‘0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) ft Seori’

This is yet another sentimental track that had quite the impact. The lyrics were sad and about loss of someone you love, which we’re sure a lot of people can understand. The impact this song had was due to the empathetic lyrics and chorus, as well as the powerful vocal delivery of these lyrics. Considering it was written by BTS’s RM, it’s bound to be a heart stopper.


6. ‘Everlasting Shine’

Contrary to a lot of the other songs on this list, this one is actually with bearings of hope and success. In the chorus where it ends with the lyrics, “you’ll shine like a diamond”, and the rendering of this line with SooBin’s beautiful voice, it totally hit a soft spot in our hearts. The fans that got to enjoy this song to the fullest are certainly the anime fans in the mix, considering this track was used as a theme song in the anime “Black Clover”.


7. ‘Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go’

From their last album of 2022, this song was the only song with an upbeat and lively beat. The dance pop beat makes for a good song to listen to to get your energy up, and even while it is upbeat, it also has this peaceful aura about it that we can’t help but love. Impactful, definitely, and in the most wholesome possible way.


What songs released by TXT do you think are very impactful? Let us know in the comments!


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