Top 7 “Dream Maker” Survival Show’s Best Songs

South Korea is well known for its popular survival shows such as the old “Produce” series or more recently “Girls Planet” and its boy version coming soon “Boys Planet“. Those musical shows are usually produced in the hope of creating new K-Pop groups. Some might be temporary groups, set to only exist for a short time, and others are for long-term groups, such as ENHYPEN, created via the survival show “I-Land”. Survival shows are composed of multiple elimination stages where the contestants have to compete by displaying their skills in different domains such as singing, dancing, rapping, and sometimes visual too. And even if not all participants get to debut from the show, it is often a great opportunity for them to get visibility and start building a fanbase in the hope to debut later. Anyhow, we’re all big fans of those survivals and can never get enough of the talents presented there.

Well, we’re lucky because this year a new type of survival show is being aired to create a complete Global group! The trainees will be trained in South Korea and debut as a global pop group as most of “Dream Maker” participants are from the Philippines, and no Korean member will be part of the final group. There are many reasons to look forward to this survival show and its participants, but today we would like to share with you some of their best songs. Because K-Pop is about the music first, this is a crucial part everyone should take a look at when discovering a new group. So here are 7 of the best songs from the survival show “Dream Maker”.

Note: We’re not taking any sides while recommending songs, but we cannot include all songs from the show even if they’re good, those are simple recommendations and this is not a ranking.


1. ‘Take My Hand’

The first song you should run listen to is the main theme song of the show called ‘Take My Hand’. Just like “Produce” used to have ‘Pick Me’, “Dream Maker” is having its own catchy theme song to introduce you to all its contestants! You can enjoy the light and happy vibes of the song, but also the really cute dance performance that helps you get familiar with the 77 dream chasers. They’re all so talented, it will be hard for you to choose a favorite!


2. ‘Awitin mo. Isasayaw ko’ – Team Russu

If you don’t know much about Filipino songs, this one is a good start for you! Not only is the song very cheerful, like a summer song, and easy to enjoy, but the participants’ version is so enjoyable thanks to their clear and stable vocals. Apart from this, you can enjoy the very cute dance and pink outfits the participants are wearing that fit totally the song.


3. ‘He’s Into Her’ – Team Drei

Again, if you like stable vocals, you will most likely enjoy this song. You can also enjoy the high notes during the chorus and the perfect synchronization of the contestants while doing the choreo. Really that performance was impressive in all its aspects. And once again, the cute outfits are here for you to enjoy as well!


4. ‘Tearin’ Up My Heart’ – Team Matt

This song will enable you to enjoy a diversity of vocals and listen to a nice Pop song. Let your heart get stolen by their romantic and cool performance of the song. The participants are showing both their skills and handsome visuals with their pretty outfits in this song.


5. ‘Lovey-Dovey’ – Team Six Of Hearts

This is another very cute song to let you fall in love with the participants and their bright personalities. The sportswear outfit is made in a way that also matches the cute vibes of the song, once again, all the elements combined are what make this long an all-kill.


6. ‘Odd Eye’ – Team Eyerisk

Apart from the cute and lovely songs, of course, the participants showed many cool and powerful performances too. For example, this performance of ‘Odd Eye’ is a song you don’t want to miss from the survival! May it be the wonderful vocals and raps, or the cool leather outfits worn by the contestant, you sure want to check it out!


7. ‘Tiger’ – Team Hunters

This is another performance that displayed the participants’ cool side. The music is full of rap parts and has a powerful dance that enabled the contestants to show a different side of themselves this time around! And of course, there are still beautiful vocals to enjoy for you!


Of course, this is not all there are many more performances to take a look at from “Dream Maker” such as the cover of TFN‘s ‘Amazon‘ or the performance from the Team 4 wrecker, but it is impossible to list them all, otherwise, the list would never end! So this was our pick of the best songs from “Dream Maker” so far, we will look forward to the new performances! Which song was your favorite from this list? Let us know in the comments!


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