NCT 127 Draws Mixed Reactions After Calling BTS ‘That Group’ – What Happened?

Why is NCT 127 getting criticism from ARMYs? Amid controversy over being disrespectful to BTS, NCTzens stepped up to defend the “2 Baddies” singers. Here’s what really happened.  

NCT 127 Refers To BTS As ‘That Group’? Members’ Remarks Draw Attention

On January 27, NCT 127 held an Instagram Live to communicate with their fans, NCTzens.

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During the broadcast, the group took their time to share stories and their concert experiences overseas. In particular, they mentioned anecdotes with servers during their time in Colombia.

Jungwoo started:

“I have another funny story. Whenever we eat somewhere, there are a lot of people who misrecognized us as another group.”

Taeil then asked:


Jungwoo responded:

“No, no, it’s not that. I’m just saying.”


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Trying to deny the name of the group, Mark and Johnny as well as Jaehyun asked Jungwoo to continue his story. The latter then explained that he thought the scene alone is funny.

While listening to them, Taeyong then asked if he was referring to the incident where Yuta didn’t deny being mistaken for another group (unspecified which group), saying:

“Ah, was it that one time when Yuta said, ‘Yes, we are.’?”

Jungwoo continued to clarify that it was like an inside joke between the members.

As then went on, Mark shared another story, narrating:

“No, but what’s cute was when we were drinking tequilas, Jungwoo had 1 shot and his face was already red but the server was so nice, he brought another one and said, ‘It’s service,’ so Jungwoo was like, “Whoa.”

NCT 127

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NCT 127

In the end, the idol was able to drink two shots; thus, Taeyong commented:

“Then maybe you need to thank that group.”

Mark realizing that Taeyong thought they earned a free shot after being mistaken for another group, he immediately clarified that the server was just nice and that what the latter referring to was another story.

Apparently, they were talking about two separate stories where they were both misrecognized for another team. Mark was referring to that time they went to a restaurant where they were served by a male waiter, while Taeyong’s story about Yuta was when they went to a café, where they were served by a waitress named Erika.

Following the broadcast, the stories shared by NCT 127 immediately spread online.


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Unfortunately, this did not sit well with the ARMYs (BTS fandom), who claimed NCT 127 was being “disrespectful” to their senior group.

The two reasons the fandom was criticizing the group was when NCT 127 referred to their senior as “that group.” They also didn’t use honorifics while mentioning BTS, which is deemed “disrespectful” since the senior-junior relationship in Korea is taken seriously.

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The second reason was some misunderstood that NCT 127 got free drinks and benefitted from BTS after acknowledging that it was them after being misrecognized.

Following this, the phrase “NCT Apologize to BTS” rose to the top of real-time topics and trends, with ARMYs asking for an apology from the group.

NCTzens Defend NCT 127 – Here’s What Really Happened

As the issue grows, the fandom of the “Kick It” group then stood up to defend NCT 127 for the unreasonable hate they are getting.

Regarding the disrespectful claim, fans explained that NCT 127 cannot mention any artist, given that it was a live broadcast; thus, the use of “that group.”

This was the same as other K-pop artists before who had to end their broadcasts if they will mention other artists outside their company.

This is also the reason Taeil mentioned BTS without sunbaenim (senior) as it can also be inferred to as “behind the scene.”

While BTS is a popular term used by global fans and media to call the K-pop group, locals, however, call them “Bangtan Sonyeodan” (방탄소년단), using their real Korean group name.

As for gaining free drinks for posing as BTS, NCTzens explained that it was only due to mistranslations.

Meanwhile, Taeyong mistook Mark’s story for another story as apparently, he wasn’t with the members when they went into a restaurant; thus, he assumed that the anecdote happened when they went into the café, where he was present.

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