8TURN Makes A Beyond Impressive Debut With ‘TIC TAC’ And We Are Blown Away

This is refreshingly unique.” This is perhaps one of the many statements you will make midway into watching the music video of ‘TIC TAC‘.

‘TIC TAC’ is an amazing song that serves as the lead single of 8TURN‘s debut album “8TURNRISE“. And also one which by the end of its music video, will have you feeling a sense of chills and a rush of excitement as you are left in a state of awe and admiration of the brilliance you just witnessed.

8TURN is the 8-member boy group signed under MNH Entertainment whose anticipated debut has finally happened and judging by the extremely and duly earned positive response from global fans so far, we can aptly record this as a successful debut.

With clear noticeable influences of Hip-Hop, Hard pop, and Latin genres, the sound is one of the key attractions of this song. ‘TIC TAC’ presents such a powerful and passionate sound that amazingly encapsulates the vibrant essence of youth today, while also delivering a catchy and addictive rhythm that makes the song easy to listen to and remember.

Bright, vibrant, chic, and colorful, the music video doesn’t just offer a concept so enjoyable and worth watching on a loop, it also represents the refreshing sound and style of the MZ generation, and perhaps, it also poses 8TURN as one of the groups that will continue to foster K-Pop’s growth into a new generation. Following this impressive debut, we excitedly look forward to seeing the various creative colors the members show as both individuals and as a group in the future.

You haven’t seen the music video? Check it out below.

What do you think about 8TURN and ‘TIC TAC’? Which other songs do you like in “8TURNRISE“? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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