NewJeans Has Bunnies Wilding With Their Photos: ‘They’re all pictorial masters’

NewJeans appeared in NME for a pictorial, and got Bunnies’ attention with their gorgeous visuals! The members also took time to answer interview questions in the shoot.

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NewJeans’ NME Photoshoot Gets The Attention of Bunnies

On January 27, NME released a series of photos on their website featuring NewJeans. The girls were showcased with their casual outfits, highlighting the group’s concept.

NewJeans Has Bunnies Wilding With Their Photos: 'They're all pictorial masters'

(Photo : NME)

Bunnies expressed their love for the photos, stating how pretty the members looked. Some even praised member and maknae Hyein, for her natural poise when it comes to pictorials. Others were ecstatic over Haerin’s pigtails hairstyle.

They also admired the group’s distinct visuals, as well as their looks complimenting each other without overshadowing.

See their reactions below:

“They are all pictorial masters.”

“I like how you can see all 5 members distinctively.”

“Seriously, the more I see them, the more I realize how good the maknae is at shooting pictorials. She seriously looks like a model in her solo shoot.”

“Haerin with pigtails is crazy.”

“Hanni is crazy, freaking pretty.”

“How can they all be this pretty? Danielle’s styling fits her especially well here.”

Check out the rest of their photos here!

NewJeans Minji

(Photo : NME)

NewJeans Haerin

(Photo : NME)

NewJeans Hyein

(Photo : NME)

NewJeans Shares Thoughts On Music Releases & Album Production

In the photoshoot, the girls also answered several interview questions. They shared specific insights within their releases and album production.

NewJeans’ “Hype Boy” is one of the most listened-to songs in 2022, and fans have given it much love due to its era-defining sound.

NewJeans Hanni

(Photo : NME)

NewJeans Hanni shared that “Hype Boy” displays an authentic joy imbued in its performance. She described that feeling of genuineness is emitted, whenever people listen to the song.

“‘Hype Boy’, I think, just had that type of fresh but familiar sound. ‘Hype Boy’ specifically, there are a lot more opportunities to make eye contact with the members, and kind of play around with the dance.”

“‘The song has that natural, authentic joy to its performance that can be felt even when you’re just listening to the song by itself.”

Meanwhile, NewJeans Danielle shared how amazing it is for them to express their stories into their albums. Since NewJeans are heavily involved with music production, the girls are also focused on polishing their songwriting skills.

Danielle also mentioned that the group will explore their creativity on future releases.

NewJeans Danielle

(Photo : NME)

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NewJeans Hyein also stated that she aims to develop her artistry. She added that the group will do their best to become artists that fans will be proud on supporting. Hyein hoped that fans can look forward to NewJeans’ future comebacks.

“It’s such an honor, because our CEO really always thinks of what more we could input into the album. Having the opportunity to convey our stories and characters in our albums is incredible, and we really want to continue exploring it for future projects.”

–       Danielle

“I always want to try new things. Whatever we do, I hope that we can become the kind of artists people will look forward to, and wonder what they’re going to bring to the table next.”

–       Hyein

Watch their full interview at NME here!


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