NewJeans Danielle’s Reaction When ‘OMG’ Won vs ‘Ditto’ Draws Laughter– Here’s Why

When NewJeans’ songs, “OMG” and “Ditto” competed for the first place rank in “Music Bank,” member Danielle instantly became a MEME following her reaction during the announcement of the winner.

On January 27, KBS2’s music program “Music Bank” was held and announced the first place song and group in the fourth week of January.

On this day, the music broadcast featured numerous K-pop groups including AIMERS, CIGNATURE, H1-KEY, TXT, Weeekly, XG, Kim Jong Seo, NewJeans, Ryu Ji Hyun, and more, led by MCs Minji and Lee Chaemin.

NewJeans Danielle's Reaction When 'OMG' Won vs 'Ditto' Draws Laughter– Here's Why

(Photo : NewJeans (Sports Today))

During the show then, NewJeans’ pre-released single, “Ditto” and title track, “OMG” were both nominated for first place in the fourth week of January.

Amid the popularity of both songs among local and global fans, their song, “OMG” prevailed and took home the No. 1 seat with 7612 points.

After winning, the quintet expressed their overwhelming feelings about the two songs being nominated for first place during their acceptance speech.

Hyein said:

“It’s really incredible and we felt grateful.”

NewJeans Danielle's Reaction When 'OMG' Won vs 'Ditto' Draws Laughter– Here's Why

(Photo : NewJeans (Sports Today))

Danielle added:

“Thank you so much for giving us this wonderful award. We love you so much.”

Hyein also continued:

“We are so grateful to the staff who always help us shine on the stage and the family who supported us from behind. And I’m grateful to the ‘Music Bank’ officials. Finally, I am very grateful to Bunnies (fandom). We will continue to work hard with a heart of repaying all of you.”

NewJeans Danielle Turns Into Meme After Her Reaction When ‘OMG’ Won Over ‘Ditto’

NewJeans Danielle's Reaction When 'OMG' Won vs 'Ditto' Draws Laughter– Here's Why

(Photo : NewJeans (Sports Today))

As the fans of the group rejoice, internet users and K-pop enthusiasts can’t help but laugh after noticing Danielle’s reaction when their latest song won over “Ditto.”

In particular, during the announcement of the winner, the four members excluding the special MC Minji were divided into two to represent each of their songs.

Haerin and Danielle were in team “Ditto,” while Hanni and Hyein were in team “OMG.” During the announcement, the members were seen rooting for their teams when Haerin pointed at the result.

Danielle then immediately frowned after seeing that “Ditto” lose. In a snap, she finally smiled when it was announced that “OMG” won.

It seems like, for a split second, Danielle forgot that both of the nominees were their songs and they will surely win either way!

Following this, Twitter users, especially Bunnies can’t help but made the moment a meme. Here are some of the fans’ reactions:

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