Watch The Upcoming K-Drama “Strangers Again” Within 24 Hours Of Korea Through K-PLUS’ Simulcast

“Divorce is easy but parting is hard.”

“Strangers Again” is highly anticipated by drama fans as it is Kang SoRa‘s return to the small screen! The actress has not been on any drama after her appearance in the 2017 drama “Revolutionary Love”. Another anticipated actor is Jang SeungJo, who is known for his roles in “Snowdrop”, “The Good Detective”, “Encounter”, and more. The long-time actress Jo EunJi, and actor Mu JinSeong also are part of the cast.


The K-Drama “Strangers Again” is set to make viewers feel a rollercoaster of emotions with its story of love and life, revolving around two lawyers, Oh HaRa (Kang SoRa) and Gu EunBeom (Jang SeungJo), who got divorced after dating for 10 years. Watch how the ex-couple manages their relationship after their divorce and how things will unfold with them working together again in one law firm. Why is Gu EunBeom trying to set up Oh HaRa with another man? What does Oh HaRa do with the mixed feelings she has for her ex-husband? Is it really possible for the two to become perfect strangers?

Watch The Upcoming K-Drama "Strangers Again" Within 24 Hours Of Korea Through K-PLUS' Simulcast

“Strangers Again” Poster

Viewers can expect to see relatable issues of romance, break up, and career that people mostly experience as an adult. The drama also uniquely focuses issues experience between a divorced couple, which is different from the usual break up stories.

“Strangers Again” will be premiering on January 19, and will be simulcasted every Thurday and Friday at 6:45 PM (GMT+8). The encore telecast is on every Sunday at 5:30 PM (GMT+8).

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