Heads Up: Public Mint Of LIGHTSUM and Weinsanto’s NFT Collaboration “M3TALOVE” Is Now Available For Purchase

BNV, the leading company for the fashion ecosystem in the metaverse, has recently announced that the NFT mint of “M3TALOVE” collection is now open to the public for sale. M3TALOVE is the anticipated partnership between the K-Pop girl group LIGHTSUM, the Parisian fashion designer, Weinsanto, and BNV. The collaboration was first announced last September 2022, and the collection was later revealed to the public through an exclusive event that was held after the designer opened for the Paris Fashion Week in the same month.

BNV’s digital tailors worked closely with Weinsanto to craft 6 unique virtual outfits that are specifically custom-made for the avatars of LIGHTSUM members. The M3TALOVE collection will both have “Super-Rare” and “Rare” tiers, that would come with different benefits and perks. Among the long list, here are some of the benefits and perks of the M3TALOVE collectibles:

– Exclusive acccess to LIGHTSUM’s concerts held in the Metaverse.

– Exclusive 15-minute virtual meeting with LIGHTSUM members. The M3TALOVE collection will be revealed in a “mystery box” style, with 1 of 6 digital collectibles, assigned randomly to holders. If a holder collects all six collectibles, they will be given a chance to mmet LIGHTSUM via Zoom!

– Front row seats to a future Weinsanto fashion show, and a meet-and-greet with the Parisian fashion designer (This perk may also be gifted to another person).

– A Weinsanto-designed M3TALOVE glasses, which can be worn across Metaverse platforms.

– M3TALOVE NFT holders are granted entry to BNV’s exclusive Discord channel and can claim free FA$H cred, which can be used across BNV’s ecosystem as loyalty points. The rarity level of the NFT the holder has will determine the amount of FA$H Cred (credit points that can be converted to FA$H coin in the future) he/she will receive.

– The holders will also be entered into a draw to receive 1-year (6 issues) subscription of KWorld Magazine. Two subscriptions will be given.

M3TALOVE is one of the first NFT collections in collaboration with a K-Pop artist, that is available for the public to purchase. Check out the full list of 20 exclusive benefits attached to each M3TALOVE NFT in BNV’s website.

Heads Up: Public Mint Of LIGHTSUM and Weinsanto's NFT Collaboration "M3TALOVE" Is Now Available For Purchase


We are incredibly excited that the M3TALOVE collection will now be available to purchase. This collaboration has been one of BNV’s most complex projects to date and it has been a privilege to work with Weinsanto and LIGHTSUM to create six beautiful and unique pieces of digital art.
We look forward to people being able to experience wearing these outfits in the metaverse, that will enable people to not only better express themselves in the virtual world, but also, offer the opportunity for people to connect with their favourite artists and designers in a way that’s not been possible before.
BNV is building a new ecosystem for digital fashion and it has been an incredibly rewarding experience for our team to be able to unite music, fashion and the latest technology into a very special collection of digital assets.
Richard Hobbs, BNV Founder and CEO

Purchases can be only made through bnv.me, via crypto wallet or credit card, following BNV’s mission to make wearables in the metaverse more accessible to the public. If you’re looking buy M3TALOVE collectibles, the collection is limited, so make your purchase quick!

Are you planning to buy the M3TALOVE collectibles? Which benefit from the NFT collectibles do you wish to get? Share it with Kpopmap through the comment button below.


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