Stray Kids’ HyunJin & Felix: A Storm Of Iconic Model Duo Energy

Jinnie and the Prince, Haengbok, and Jikseu are some of the names that Stray Kids’ HyunJin and Felix are known as but, there is something else this pair should be known for … Modeling. They have been modeling as a pair for brands, magazines, and more since early 2020 and have set the innerwebs on fire every single time. So, it’s no shock to us that they have been featured as a power duo go-to for designer fits to skincare. Their visuals, talent, and personalities make them the perfect candidates. And to make them even more of a perfect fit is their close bond.

“I could be red. Or I could be yellow. I could be blue. Or I could be purple. I could be green. Or pink or black or white. “I could be every color you like” – Colors lyrics by Stella Jang. Over the years we have been able to experience the uniqueness of HyunJin and Felix as they create a wide array of stories and worlds for us whether that be on stage or through the camera lens. And they have never fallen short of making us believe in what they presented to us.

If you would like to follow their journey as the iconic model duo, please continue to read below.


“@star1” X Missha

HyunJin and Felix’s first duo photoshoot was in the “@star1” (Feb. 2020) magazine for the skincare and cosmetics brand Missha. The photoshoot consisted of two concepts that we like to call the “yogurt look” and the “luxury look”.

In the first look, we want to discuss the “yogurt look”. It gives off this very fresh, calm feeling, and there is this sweet bonding moment between the teammates and friends. So, it was only right to name the first concept after yogurt because yogurt is light, airy, and has a fresh sweet taste.

The second look called the “luxury look” really accentuates more muted, dark tones. Also, color plays a really important role in the art direction for these photoshoots because white symbolizes purity and temperance, and blue symbolizes hope and utopia these are perfect colors for the first set of photos shown below because it has a more casual, fresh, daytime feel. And in the second set of photos, the colors red and black are the main colors being used red symbolizes solidarity and cohesion and black symbolizes dignity and chicness which matches the mood of the second group of photos which is more of a chic, minimal, nighttime feel.

This was a great photoshoot for the duo to start off with. What was your favorite look, the “yogurt look” or the “luxury look”?


“DAZED” In Dior

In the “DAZED Korea” December 2020 issue they paired with Dior for the ‘Dior Men’s B27′ sneakers. And for this photoshoot, HyunJin and Felix were dressed from head to toe in Dior which made a uniform look in this photoshoot really added to the impact of Dior. Also, it was a smart way to not only showcase the main product which are the ‘B27’s’ but the clothing that they sell as well.

The overall mood of the photos would be what we call a “hazy softness” because in the photos HyunJin and Felix’s silhouette is pronounced but a bit blurred in with the background and surroundings. The gray color, which is the main color in most of the pictures adds the perfect contrast and presence making the photos stand out without being too harsh like the color black can be in certain shades. There is an elegance and sleekness that is added to the photos and because they have a “hazy softness” it allows the logos on the clothes to almost have this “pop-out” effect.

Another thing that was special about this “DAZED Korea” shoot is that two-thirds of Dance Racha (Stray Kids Dance Sub Unit) had a chance to shine because there was a YouTube video made by the “DAZED Korea” team that highlights HyunJin and Felix’s talent in dancing while advertising that the ‘Dior Men’s B27’ shoes are a good set of shoes to be able to handle performing. This is where the red background photos came from in the magazine and because they were in motion it added an artistic flare to the pictures.

Check out (part of) Dance Racha as they show both emotion and technique in the video above.


Luxury With “Arena Homme+”

“Arena Homme+” official article

“Arena Homme +” Korea February 2021 edition screamed “textured opulence” with the magazine’s styling choices. And for further explanation of what it is, “textured opulence” in this case is when clothes, furniture, props, etc. have a luxuriousness, grandeur, and this beautiful boldness that highlights textures such as satin, leather, and velvet, but not limited to these textures.

HyunJin and Felix look absolutely stunning in these photos as they are the epitome of luxurious splendor. We love the outfits because they fit perfectly with the grandness of the chandelier in the photos because the image is often associated with fabrics such as satin, leather, and velvet. And the gold, pearl, and black accessories added with the styling as well as the chessboard make it feel like a “smart elegance”. This iconic duo is perfect to portray this concept with their insane visuals and immense talent. They pierced through with their presence with every photo snapped and stood out in the most beautiful way. What was your favorite picture of the pair? Be sure to read the translated interview too.


“Cosmopolitan” Hearts Retro

221216 Cosmopolitan Korea Instagram Update with Hyunjin & Felix from straykids

“Cosmopolitan Korea” January 2023 edition was very much a homage to the late 90s to early 2000s fashion from the aluminum pants and boots to the shiny leather jackets. The fashion direction for these photoshoots really highlighted the 90s look with Felix’s high-collared shiny leather jacket, the casual white tank top, and slouchy beanie look, and even the black cargo pants. But, the 2000s came to mix in and add a twist with the shiny aluminum pants and boots, HyunJin’s straight-cut bowl cut, and the jean outfits that were a staple of the era. Also, the posh upscale all-white outfit really highlighted the preppy 2000s look that we all know and love.

To further tie these retro-inspired looks together is the make-up which took inspiration from both eras covering the late 90s and early 2000s with the multi-colored eyeshadow and rhinestone bedazzled inner eye corners and cheeks. And this was the perfect artistic direction for a photo shoot because the 90s and especially the Y2K look have been trending for at least the past 2-3 years. It was fun to see HyunJin and Felix slay these trendy looks of the present and times gone by. What was your favorite retro look from the photoshoot?


Moods Don’t Only Exist In Rings, They Exist In “Noblesse”

“Noblesse” official article

Stripes, Satin, & Versace…Oh My! In “Noblesse Men” Korea January 2023 issue everything was very much a mood and a feeling. The inspiration behind this shoot is Baroque Pop. If you’re wondering exactly what Baroque Pop is it’s a “…1960s musical movement that combined classical music elements with pop and rock n’ roll songs. – Mark Wollacott (  “Baroque is a term applied to art, architecture, and music that added ornamentation to simple works. This included the compositions of Claudio Monteverdi, Johann Sebastian Bach, Heinrich Schultz, and Antonio Vivaldi.”- Mark Wollacott, (

The styling of the outfits very much fit the aesthetic of classic with a bit of pop and edge. You see the classical elements with the Versace signature print as it has the look that was associated with traditional 1800s royal palace door knockers. A pop twist was added in with the splashes of color that are often worn with the well-known pop music clothing style. And the rock edge elements were shown with the leather jackets and shoes, the diamond-patterned leather shirt, and the leather bucket hat, as well as the stripes incorporated throughout the outfits. To finish off the concept the backgrounds were in the colors green, blue, gray, and a deep blue-gray which complimented the colors used in the clothing, the blue and green contacts that HyunJin and Felix wore, and even down to their blueish gray, and black hair colors. What is your favorite Baroque Pop-inspired look?


HyunJin and Felix showed us many different sides of them in each photo shoot. Chic, retro, edgy, casual, and many more concepts. But this is no surprise because they are iconic in the emotions they show while modeling and performing. They never make a boring moment as they always leave us in awe with each step, breath, and glance. What were your top photoshoot pictures? And what concept would you like to see them try next? The possibilities are endless cause lets face it they would pull off any style.


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