BIGBANG’s TaeYang & BTS’ JiMin Collaboration Makes Fans Across Generations “Feel The Vibe”

BIGBANG’s TaeYang just made his first release after moving to his new agency THEBLACKLABEL, and it’s a collaboration track with BTS’ JiMin. The track ‘VIBE’, which was greatly anticipated by both fans and K-Pop enthusiasts because of the collaboration of two of K-Pop’s biggest superstars, was released today (January 13), at 2PM.

Check out the music video of ‘VIBE’ here.

The music video features TaeYang and JiMin’s slick dance moves and ever stellar vocals, and it perfectly displays the two stars’ charisma, which they are both known for. The track ‘VIBE’ has a big production team, with TaeYang participating in writing the lyrics, and JiMin in the composition of the said track. Star producers and founders of THEBLACKLABEL, Teddy Park and KUSH, as well as the label’s producers Vince and 24 are also part of the production of the track.

To talk about K-Pop’s rise to popularity globally and not mention BIGBANG is impossible, with the boy group being one of the most influential and venerated K-Pop acts during the late 2000s and in the 2010s. BIGBANG been one of the biggest group’s in the industry, being dubbed as “Kings of K-Pop”. The global boy group has performed in stadiums in a countless number of countries, and has always been one of the best-selling boy groups. The boy group has also a record of winning 100 awards, being part of New York Times’ Best Concerts List, and also winning MTV Europe Award’s “Best Worldwide Act”.

TaeYang has also achieved milestones as a solo artist. The artist had 4 successful album releases, with two of it climbing up to #1 on the Billboard’s World Albums. His track ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’ also is noted as one of K-Pop’s biggest hits, winning “Song of the Year” on major Korean awarding festivals.

‘VIBE’ is now another milestone by the idol, making one of the notable collaborations in K-Pop history. Being cross-generational, the track connect the two artists from K-Pop’s greatest boy bands of all of time.

You may stream the track through the link shared by THEBLACKLABEL below:

Have you listened to ‘VIBE’? Share your thoughts about the collaboration through the comment button below.


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