7 K-pop Artists Who Dominated In US Best-Selling CDs In 2022

With 2022’s song releases worldwide, K-pop surely did make waves due to its music and popularity. Luminate, a music data tracing firm has recorded its list of artists, who were included in their best-selling CD sales. Based on the findings, K-pop took over on the list.

Here are 7 K-pop artists who dominated the US best-selling CD list for 2022!

1. BTS – “Proof” (413,000)


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BTS’s “Proof” is the No. 1 best-selling CD album by a K-pop group in the United States in 2022. The album sales for “Proof” have accumulated a total of 413,000 copies, sold worldwide. 2022 was a great year for BTS, due to their page-turning era, and exploration of the members’ individual colors.

2. TXT – “Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child” (227,000)

TXT minisode 2

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With 227,000 copies sold in the U.S., TXT’s “Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child” was listed as the third best-selling K-pop CD of 2022. Their numbers are understandable due to their album’s musical variety. It also gained attention for its intense, dark concept which are concentrated into one album.

3. Stray Kids – “ODDINARY” (204,000)


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Stray Kids, whose mini album “ODDINARY” peaked at No. 5, sold an overall 204,000 CDs in 2022. With another album released for 2022, the boy group also appeared on the list’s No. 5 spot.

4. TWICE – “BETWEEN 1&2” (199,000)

TWICE 'BETWEEN 1&2' Album Sneak Peek

(Photo : TWICE – Twitter)

TWICE peaked at No. 6 with the CD sales of 199,000 for their mini album “BETWEEN 1&2.”

They are also considered as the only K-pop girl group to join the list. With a sales number this high, it can be traced to TWICE’s album, which featured a lovable synth-wave title track “Talk that Talk.”

Its B-side tracks also received love from fans, offering various genres like pop-punk, dance tracks, and acoustic.

5. Stray Kids – “MAXIDENT” (177,000)


(Photo : Facebook: Stray Kids)

The only artist to appear in the list’s top 10 twice is Stray Kids. Following their album “ODDINARY,” their second album “MAXIDENT” sold a total of 177,000 copies in 2022.

6. ENHYPEN – “MANIFESTO: DAY 1” (173,000)


(Photo : Facebook: Belift Lab)

With 173,000 CDs sold, ENHYPEN’s “MANIFESTO: DAY 1” ranked No. 8 on the list. The album is well loved due to its rebellious nature. The lyrics in their tracks also received praise.

For the album’s theme, ENHYPEN explained that MANIFESTO’s aim was to expand the meaning of connection.

7. NCT 127 – “2 Baddies” (148,000)


(Photo : Facebook: NCT 127)

The top 10 was completed by NCT 127’s “2 Baddies,” which sold 148,000 CDs in the US.

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