Zico Reportedly Holding Fan Event ‘HEY ZICO! GIVE ME A MINUTE?’

Zico has announced that he will be holding a fan event this 2023! 

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Zico Reportedly Holding Fan Event ‘HEY ZICO! GIVE ME A MINUTE?’

On January 12, KOZ Entertainment posted an official announcement on Twitter and Weverse.

To kick off the new year, producer and performer Zico will host a special fan gathering. “HELLO ZICO! DO YOU HAVE A MINUTE?.”

In the announcement, it stated that fans can expect a good time in the event, as well as a special performance from Zico. To conclude the letter, they followed up how fans should look forward to Zico’s event.

Zico, padding is digested hiply... Even the charismatic eyes

(Photo : Zico Instagram)

The fan event will be held at Nodeul Live House, on January 29, 7 P.M. KST. The main ticket seller for this occasion will be INTERPARK, featuring a total of 99,000 won for a single seat.

Zico, padding is digested hiply... Even the charismatic eyes

(Photo : Zico Instagram)

Furthermore, the post advised readers that they will provide extra information on the ticket booking, in a separate statement. This will mark Zico’s first fan event and solo performance in four years, since 2019.

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See the full announcement on Weverse below:


This is KOZ Entertainment.

For all COMMON who have been waiting so long, we are holding the ZICO episode of “GIVE ME A MINUTE?” at an in-person venue.

You’ll be able to hear all the candid stories we’ve been saving for this moment and even get a chance to see a special performance, so we ask for your enthusiastic support.

Let’s meet up close!

Event Information
Date: 7PM Sunday, Jan 29, 2023 (KST)
Ticket seller: INTERPARK (exclusive retailer)
Ticket price: 99,000 won for all seats (VAT included)
Organizers: KOZ Entertainment, HYBE
Guest age limit: Admission ages 9 and above

We will provide you with additional information on booking your concert tickets through a separate notice.

Thank you.”

Zico’s Agency Reportedly Debuting New Boy Group That Isn’t Limited to Any Genre

In other news, Zico revealed that they will be introducing a new boy group in 2023.

On August 4, Zico made a guest appearance on SBS Power FM’s “Two O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show”.

ZICO 'New thing', the atmosphere is unusual... A steep rise in music charts

(Photo : Zico Instagram)

During the show, he talked about a variety of subjects, including how KOZ Entertainment was getting ready to debut a new boy group. The founder unveiled they will introduce a group with no genre boundaries.

When Zico was asked about the concept, he explained how staying true to a group’s music color is essential, as well as genre expansion.  

“We are preparing a new boy group. It’s not a hip-hop group. We’re trying to create a group that isn’t limited to a specific genre.”

“If we decided to go a different route, people might say that the color has changed from the previous one, so I’m trying to expand the genre; from the beginning.”

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