XG Breaks Barriers and Promises High-quality Pop Music in the Newest Single

After becoming viral with the videos showing its’ members’ talents, XG announced on Thursday (05) the official date for the long-awaited comeback with the third single, “SHOOTING STAR”.

Showing an avant-garde and electrifying concept, the release will be on January 25 and includes two extra tracks. The first teaser pictures released in the past week impressed ALPHAZ (fandom name) worldwide, who showed themselves very excited with the release and praised XG’s bold and extravagant concept.


(Photo : XGALX/ Assessoria KoreaIN )

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XG’s third single will have three original tracks: ‘SHOOTING STAR’, ‘NEO Romantic’, and ‘LEFT RIGHT’. The edition comes with a CD box that will also be part of the release. Meeting fans’ demands, the members have been very active on social media, showing XG’s young and shiny concept. The photo shoot with the concept for the track ‘NEO Romantic’, released on Tuesday (10) shows a different vibe from the previous pictures. The creative and unique photos, full of surrealist editions, wrapped the concept of the song yet to be released.

The wait for XG’s long-awaited comeback ends on January 25 at midnight. The music video for ‘SHOOTING STAR’ will be released at 6 AM (BRT) on the same day.

The group – which has an influence of hip-hop and R&B – consists of JURIN, CHISA, HARVEY, HINATA, JURIA, MAYA, and COCONA. Together they debuted in 2022 with the single “Tippy Toes”, gathering attention due to their irreverence and innovative performances. The first comeback with “MASCARA” reached the top of iTunes in 17 regions and was included on Spotify’s Viral 50 playlists in 21 regions. XG’s impact became more evident after the release of the video with the rap performance “GALZ XYPHER”, which popped their fans’ bubble and made the group be considered revolutionary by artists like Jackson Wang.

For more info about XG and the release of “SHOOTING STAR”, follow the group’s social media.


3rd Single “SHOOTING STAR”

January 25, 2023.



2. NEO Romantic


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