Band Xdinary Heroes’ Journey So Far Since Their Debut

Xdinary Heroes are a six member boy band under JYP Entertainment. The group debuted on December 6, 2021 and consists of members GunIl, JungSu, GaOn,, JunHan, and JooYeon.

As the latest band to debut in the K-Pop world, Xdinary Heroes have been steadily marking their place in the industry with their rockstar sound and image. Though it has only been over a year since their debut, they have achieved so much.


A debut single and two comebacks in the space of a year

Band Xdinary Heroes’ Journey So Far Since Their Debut

Xdinary Heroes Official

Their debut single, “Happy Death Day”, was released on December 6, 2021. It brought listeners a refreshingly rebellious sound and message about the insincerity and disingenuity that comes with happy moments such as celebrating one’s birthday.

Seven months later, they came back with their first mini album, “Hello World”, where they greeted the world with a deeper dive into their rock sound. It featured six songs including title track, ‘Test Me’, and B-sides such as ‘Strawberry Cake’ which is known for the difficult high notes in the chorus.

Shortly after, they made their second comeback in November 2022. They released their second mini album, “Overload”, with ‘Hair Cut’ as the title track which is a song about cutting out the negative thoughts that blind us so that we can see a brighter world.


Their first overseas schedules

Band Xdinary Heroes’ Journey So Far Since Their Debut

Xdinary Heroes Official

Having debuted in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Xdinary Heroes have had few chances to meet their fans (named VILLAIN) face to face in Korea, let alone go overseas. Because conditions had improved, they were able to travel to Southeast Asia for their first overseas schedules.

On October 1, 2022, the band performed at the “Best of Best Concert in Bangkok”. They charmed the audience with ‘Happy Death Day’ and all the songs from their ‘Hello World’ album. During their time there, they also did multiple interviews and featured as a guest for Shopee Thailand.

On Oct. 21, they set off again to perform at “I POP U 2022 Manila”. The audience showed the band all their love and energy which hyped up the members and even teared up member, GaOn.


Appearances at music festivals and K-Pop concerts

In addition to the “Best of Best Concert in Bangkok” and “I POP U 2022 Manila”, Xdinary Heroes have performed at music festivals in Korea throughout the year.

In September, they made an appearance at “Megafield Music Festival” held at Yonsei University.

The following month, they were part of the line up at “Seoul Music Festival” with fellow band, N.Flying, and hip hop duo, Dynamic Duo, among others.


Several cover performances of Korean and western songs

Bands tend to fit into a smaller niche in the K-Pop industry. However, Xdinary Heroes have proved their versatility through their covers.

They covered their company seniors Stray Kids’ ‘Hellevator’ and amassed 2.1 million views on YouTube. As a group that leader and drummer, GunIl, looks up to, he put all his effort into rearranging it into a band cover. The cover showcased the members’ vocals and rap skills and highlighted member, JunHan, with his electrifying guitar solo.

‘Drown’ by British rock band, Bring Me The Horizon, is one of the western songs that the band has covered. It was first showcased on their “Weekly Idol” appearance in January 2022 and has 1.2 million views on YouTube.

One of their latest covers is of ‘Seoul’s Maternal Love’ by Korean music legend, Patti Kim. They performed it on “Immortal Song” and received positive reactions including from the original singer herself. They were able to cover a song that sounds so different to their own sound yet retain its original essence.


Weekly uploads of their variety series, “Rock The World”

Currently spanning 28 episodes, Xdinary Heroes made Villains’ Thursdays brighter with their variety series, “Rock The World”.

The series allowed Villains to see their dorky and hilarious off-stage selves and the chemistry between the young group.

The episodes covered a wide range of themes and storylines including a rock scissors paper race, becoming students at kindergarten, high school and college and getting their health rejuvenated in Top GunIl’s bootcamp.


Winning two awards at the 2022 MAMA Awards

Band Xdinary Heroes’ Journey So Far Since Their Debut

Xdinary Heroes Official

Xdinary Heroes were nominees in two categories at the 2022 MAMA Awards; Best New Male Artist and Best Band Performance. They won both categories and became the first Korean rock band to win both categories in the same year.


Holding their first solo concert, “Overture”

Band Xdinary Heroes’ Journey So Far Since Their Debut

Xdinary Heroes Official

Bringing 2022 to an end, Xdinary Heroes held their first solo concert from Dec. 16 to Dec. 18. Held at Seoul Olympic Hall, they drew in crowds with a wide range of captivating performances.

Over the three days, the band performed all of their B-side tracks, many of which they had never performed before. They also delighted fans with many of their covers of Korean and western songs including those mentioned above.

The concert setlist also took fans back to their pre-debut days. They performed 5 Seconds of Summer’s ‘Ghost of You’ which fans had only heard snippets of up until then. They also performed special duet stages which complimented the charms of each individual instrument as well as their debut Origin solos.

The three days also saw the members expose their raw and emotional sides to VILLAIN through their ments. Each of the members took turns to speak about their experiences in becoming an idol, about who they are as individuals and shared their gratitude and love for their family and friends. Fans got to feel their authenticity as people and their passion for music and performing.


With such a successful year so far, Villains can’t wait to see what Xdinary Heroes will bring in 2023.


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