BABYMONSTER First Member Haram Revealed — How People Are Reacting

Haram, BABYMONSTER first member, has been revealed. The soon-to-be idol drew attention with her live performance clip, as well as her visuals and vocals.

Here’s what YG stans are saying about the BAEMON member. 

BABYMONSTER First Member Revealed: YG Introduces Haram Through Live Performance

On January 12, YG Entertainment finally started taking off the veil of BABYMONSTER members! 

BABYMONSTER's First Member Haram Revealed– How People Are Reacting

(Photo : Haram (News1 | @ShinHaramBrasil | @BabymonsterTR7 Twitter))

On this day, the entertainment agency posted a video of “BABYMONSTER – HARAM (Live Performance)” on its official YouTube channel and various SNS.

The clip featured Shin Haram, who reinterpreted Mario’s “Let Me Love You,” showing off her own emotions.

In the video, Haram filled the center stage with a soulful tone in the background of a calm piano melody. She expressed the song delicately, without missing any notes as well.

As the performance went on, Haram also tugged at people’s heartstrings. Despite her emotional expressions and the tricky speed of the song, the idol-aspirant perfectly showed commendable live singing skills.

BABYMONSTER's First Member Haram Revealed– How People Are Reacting

(Photo : Haram (Twitter))

YG introduced Haram, saying:

“The emotions and vocal skills that can’t be believed to be 15 years old are the best. The delicate expression that doesn’t miss a breath was also enough to shake the hearts of fans. (Haram) is the essence of YG’s authentic vocals.”

BABYMONSTER Haram Praised For Live Vocals, Visuals

Upon uploading the clip, it immediately earned 1.3 million views as of (9 a.m. KST). Amid the heated debate about whether an idol should be equipped with singing skills without lip-syncing, Haram was praised for being a soon-to-debut singer with impressive live vocals.

K-pop fans left comments, such as:

  • “Her vocals is very YG style. Unique tone and kind of addictive.”
  • “She reminds me of BLACKPINK Rosé.”
  • “I can’t believe she’s only 15 years old.”
  • “It’s been a while since I heard a singing voice like this among fourth-gen idols.”

On top of her vocals, Haram is also lauded for her visuals. People also said she resembles actress Go Yoon Jung due to her innocent beauty.

BABY MONSTER Profile: YG New Girl Group Members, Age, Fun Facts, More Details!

(Photo : News1)

BABYMONSTER is YG Entertainment’s first girl group in 7 years after BLACKPINK debuted in 2016.

On January 1, the company initially introduced that there will be seven members through an introductory video.

The other members will be introduced following Haram, by showing their skills and information sequentially through promotional materials.

Annual Salaries of Employees From 'BIG 4' Entertainment HYBE, SM, JYP, YG Revealed

(Photo : YG logo (News1))

Also known as BAEMON, BABYMONSTER is already drawing attention as a “next-generation” girl group that will succeed BLACKPINK, which has established itself as the world’s top artist.

Based on the preceding reports, the seven-member rookie group will be comprised of members who have received professional training at YG for the past four years, and most of them are said to be made up of teenage girls.

Yang Hyun Suk, who returned as YG’s general producer, added:

“I think you can think of it as a baby with YG’s genes. It is the first group to be announced at the (YG) new office building. I hope they to be a star who will surprise the world just as they surprised me through the monthly evaluation for the past four years.”

As YG has been working hard for a long time to debut the septet, expectations are high on how BABYMONSTER will be armed and hit the global music market in 2023.

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