UNIVERSE Platform Announces Its Closure

In February 2021, the platform UNIVERSE was opened to allow fans to interact more with their favorite artists. Many idols and soloists were on this platform, chatting with the fans or uploading various content. For example, UNIVERSE was proposing content from MONSTA X, ATEEZ, or THE BOYZ.

However, barely two years after its release, the platform is going to close. The reasons haven’t been disclosed by the management team, but they communicated a message on their official Twitter earlier today to let fans know about the closure of the platform next Month.

UNIVERSE Platform Announces Its Closure

UNIVERSE’s Twitter

“UNIVERSE service termination announce

After its launching on January 28th, 2021, barely two years later, we would like to give our last salutation to everyone who gave love to UNIVERSE.

Following the resale of NCsoft’s company, UNIVERSE will terminate its services on February 17th, 2023.

We would like to thank those who gave much love to the artists during this period of time, for more information, we ask you to check out the app page.

Thank you.”


On February 17th UNIVERSE will disappear, and most of its content might be gone. But fortunately, the idols that were on it won’t leave their fans so easily, as they are said to move to the Dear U Bubble platform instead. The major problem is that Bubble is an exclusive application that only offers paid services, unlike UNIVERSE which used to have both free and non-free services.

It is always sad to see a platform and all its content go away, like Vlive recently too, but we can only hope that more and better platforms will be developed instead in the future!


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