How to earn money from Kuku FM

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 What is Kuku FM?

It is an Indian podcast platform that is reinventing our tradition of Radio. It consists of audiobooks related to our history and many more audiobooks like stories, biographies, and many more. it has more than 1crore listeners and creators, more than 7 lakhs are premium users, and more than 3crores songs listened to in an hour also it consists of 5 languages. The most useful thing that you have to know is that Kuku FM is made in India. Kuku Fm is available on play store, App store, and on windows.

How to earn money with Kuku FM?

There are many ways to earn money with Kuku FM some are easy and some are hard so i am going to give you some tips so you can also make good money using Kuku FM.

1. Affiliate Marketing

If you are thinking that how to earn money with affiliate marketing then stop thinking, I am here to explain to you how to earn money from Kuku FM by using affiliate marketing. As you know there is a premium section in Kuku FM that helps users to listen to premium audiobooks so you can earn commission from Kuku FM. if you don’t know about affiliate marketing then in short form “if you promote any premium feature of any company any anyone buys that premium feature from your link then the company pays you commission for this” also in other words REFER AND EARN.
so share your referral links with your friends and on social media so you can get the referral commission. you will get up to 200 rupees on every referral.

Here is a list of referring commission

  •  If 5 people join from your link you get Rs Fifty.
  • On ten signups, you will get Rs One twenty.
  • on 50 new users, and you will get Rs one thousand.
  • on 100 people, and you receive Rs Two thousand. 

2. Product Reviewing

Product reviewing is one of the best features to earn money and also a big opportunity to earn money for everyone but many of people don’t know about Product reviewing.
The simple meaning of Product Review is that is you do a review of any product the company pays hu similarly in Kuku FM you have to review audiobooks and podcasts on social media and you can easily make some funds through this process. If you start this work now then you can get success in 2-3 months, after 2-3 months many of the podcasters come to you to review their podcast and you can charge a good amount from him.

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3. Service Providing

Service Providing is also the best way to earn money from Kuku FM, You can promote your services on Kuku FM by making podcasts if you make a podcast on HEALTHY TIPS then in that podcast you can also promote your products from amazon and ClickBank and from this you can succeed in Affiliate Marketing.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What Do I need for uploading Podcasts on Kuku FM?

Ans.- You Need Only Email And Phone numbers to upload podcats, you don’t need extra stuff like aadhar card pan card.

2. Who Can be A creator for Kuku FM?

Ans.- Anyone can be a Creator of Kuku FM who makes a good quality content.

4. Premium Content

You can also make money by selling premium content to users at an affordable price less than The Kuku FM. In this work simply you have to search for customers and provide the audiobook that he wants. The premium Content should be ad-free.

5. Consulting

Everyone needs a consultor, so you can also be a consultor and make money. It can be the biggest opportunity for you. you can make helpful podcasts that people really want and help them too so you can consult those people in the form of Podcast.

6. Sponsors and Advertisings

it is one of the best ways to make money on Kuku FM by advertising and sponsoring products in your podcast. It needs some time.
so you have to wait for some time, if you are getting 6000-10000 monthly listeners then you can offerd by advertisers and you can be started getting sponsorships and you also can charge a good amount from him.

so, In this article, I have listed 6 ways that How to earn money from Kuku FM, I wish you have liked my article, also share this article with your friends so they can also start making money from Kuku FM



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